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Shakeri Electronics LLC was established in 1977, with the mission of becoming the leading dealer and distributor of electronics and electrical spare parts and accessories. It was in fact, the FIRST company in the Middle East to start a business in this line.

Since its inception, Shakeri Electronics has steadily grown at the rate of 20% every year and has reached a turnover of over 25 million today.

With our dedicated sales and delivery teams, we are able to efficiently and effectively satisfy the needs of our customer on time, every time. Our team of 12 people ensures that all aspects of the business are well-managed and help to achieve growth.

Shakeri is located in the prime area of Deira, the heart of the Electronics market. We are easily and strategically accessible from Naif Road, Nasser Square, Hyatt Regency as well as from the Shindaga Tunnel for customers from the other side of Dubai.

We conduct business in the local market as well as overseas in Africa, Middle East and East European countries. Our strong customer base locally as well as overseas has enabled us to grow steadily and quickly.

Though we have achieved tremendous growth since our inception, we always strive to look for opportunities to cater to a wider market and greater variety of products. To achieve this, our team is constantly on the move, planning overseas tours and meeting prospects in new markets or for new products.

We are confident that we will retain and build on our market leadership for the end-benefit of our customers.